All About Taste

Taste is our fifth sense. Taste cells or receptors detect food and drink molecules on the tongue and then send signals to the brain to

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All about hot beverages blog banner

All About Hot Beverages

Hot beverages are highly consumed by the public with teas and coffees often being a daily occurrence, even multiple times a day. It is unsurprising,

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Q3 flavour launch

New Q3 Flavour Launches

We are excited to announce our Q3 new flavour launches which highlight Plant-Ex’s innovation and expertise in flavour creation! Our Flavourists have been non-stop in

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Fruit and Vegetable Juice Powders

Fruit and Vegetable powders come from high-quality juice concentrates, purees and not-from-concentrate juices. Plant-Ex can provide a from-the-named-source (FTNF) label declaration for any fruit or

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The power of colour

The Power of Colour

Have you ever noticed how a visually appealing dish can instantly make your mouth water, even before you take the first bite? The captivating colours

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The secret to vegan cheese blog banner

The secret to vegan cheese

In recent years, the dairy aisles in supermarkets are stocking up with dairy alternative product, as consumers are becoming more vegan-conscious and choosing plant-based options.

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New Flavour Launches from Plant-Ex

New Q2 flavour launches

Following on from our popular new flavour launches from Q1, we are delighted to introduce our new flavour innovations from Plant-Ex during Q2. Our Flavourists

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Top extratcs of the year blog

Top Extracts of 2022

The extracts division at Plant-Ex is a diverse one – we have a large variety of oils, oleoresins and powders for sweet and savoury applications.

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Top colours of the year blog

Top Colours of 2022

We’re here to show you which colours were the most popular among our customers throughout 2022. Colour is arguably one of the most important components

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top flavours of 2022

Top Flavours of 2022

As we progress into 2023, we decided to officially wrap up 2022 by presenting you with our top flavours of the year for each division.

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Colours of Autumn blog post

Colours of Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year! The days get shorter, the nights become colder and the colour of the leaves on the trees

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blog post on lots of shades of red

50 Shades of Red

You can achieve a red colour from a variety of different pigments, deriving from plants, minerals or even insects. Although there is a variety of

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whats new this year - colours, flavours and extracts added to portfolio


International Ingredient Manufacturer Plant-Ex Ingredients Ltd is following up their two years of investments into their UK, Polish and Turkish sites with an innovative selection

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what are anthocyanins different applications

Anthocyanins 101

What are Anthocyanins? Anthocyanin is an umbrella term for a group of pigments that are primarily found in fruits and vegetables. Every type of anthocyanin

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