popular colours and flavours for marshmallows

The Sweet World of Marshmallows

At Plant-Ex we have been focusing on marshmallow colour and flavour innovation. Typically, marshmallows are flavoured with vanilla or strawberry, keeping it nice and simple for all consumers to love.

However, over the years we have seen manufacturers produce various innovative products; from raspberry ripple marshmallows to a bright blue, bubblegum-flavoured marshmallow for something more fun.

What to Consider When Colouring a Marshmallow?

colours and flavours for marshmallows

During the production process, a manufacturing method called ‘aeration’ is used – this is the incorporation of air in order to expand the mix, creating air pockets that deliver the light and fluffy texture we all know and love. Aeration has a dilution effect, which causes the colour used to fade and appear much paler. To combat this and ensure your desired colour is being delivered, use a natural colour with a high pigment content! Alternatively, you can amend your recipe to add colour to the mix post-aeration.

See below a few of Plant-Ex’s high-pigment colours for Marshmallows:

Plant-Ex CodeColourPigment Content
NC016752ACurcumin Extract LS3030%
NC1640Paprika Extract40,000cu
NC0169Black Carrot ExtractEV 9
NC019399ACU Chlorophyllin Extract9-11%
CF014548ASpirulina Extract1.8-2cu

Some colours contain emulsifiers, such as Polysorbate 80, in order to keep the colour stable. However, emulsifiers can destabilise the structure of the air bubbles. This means the marshmallows won’t expand as much and may not be as ‘fluffy’ as what is usually expected. This is particularly important for any large batches being produced, which have a higher percentage of air incorporated into them.

It’s no secret that marshmallows are very sticky! With this, most manufacturers use corn starch dusting so they don’t stick together into a clump in the pack. This is another reason why high pigment content colours are best suited for marshmallow application – the corn starch often makes the outside of the marshmallow appear to be paler in colour.

Unfortunately, not all natural colours are light-stable and can fade when used in transparent packaging. Take into consideration your packaging and whether the colour you’re using will last the given shelf life without fading.

Plant-Ex have put together a list of our brightest, most stable colours for your marshmallow applications. Request a copy of our colour portfolio today.

Flavours We’re Loving

Marshmallows are a classic sweet treat that has been enjoyed for generations. It’s like heaven in a few bites. While most people are familiar with the classic vanilla flavour, there are many other flavours and colours to explore – it doesn’t have to be boring!

We are seeing a shift to healthier alternatives in the beloved sweet treats sector, and therefore we’re seeing an increase in demand for Fruit FTNF flavours, or 95/5 flavours. These are flavours that contain a high percentage of the named source (such as a juice concentrate), and also allow the fruit to be depictable on the front of the pack.

Here are just some of our latest fruit-flavoured applications:

popular colours and flavours for marshmallow application
For more information, check out our applications page here
  • Blueberry Flavour, coloured using Spirulina Extract
  • Summer Fruits Flavour, coloured using Black Carrot Extract
  • Apple Flavour, coloured using Natural Green Blend (a mix of Safflower and Spirulina Extract)
  • Passionfruit Flavour, coloured using Paprika Extract
  • Watermelon Flavour WONF, coloured using Radish Extract
  • Blackcurrant flavour, coloured using Sweet Potato Extract

Although marshmallows are often enjoyed on their own, they are a delicious addition to other products… think s’mores on an open fire in the summer months, or melted into a hot chocolate over the winter. The flavour possibilities are endless with Plant-Ex – don’t hesitate to get in touch today by emailing us on sales@plant-ex.com

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