Our partner in Pakistan

Plant-Ex’s is now in Pakistan This is our interview with our official distributor in Pakistan Foodients’s CEO Anwaar Hussain. Talk to us a bit about Foodients? How was the company founded? The idea behind it was simple, it was the merge of the two words of food and ingredients. I wanted to provide a healthy […]

FPS Meat application

This article is available as a more in-depth brochure available by contacting sales@plant-ex.com PLANT- EX FOOD PROTECTION SYSTEMS We aim to create natural antioxidants and preservatives that provide mostly clean label solutions for use in the food and beverages industry. -Able to source and supply products internationally, with ease, from trusted suppliers. -A wide range […]

Efficacy Testing Of Bake Protect CA

Aim: Develop a suitable antioxidant for use in oils, bakery, cereals and snack applications and test the efficacy in a high-fat butter cookie prone to oxidation. Concept: Formulate a combination of antioxidants that provide sufficient oxidation inhibition on two levels – oxygen scavenger + free radical scavenger. The formulation should provide efficacy against a synthetic […]

Natural Beta Carotene, a colour that you don’t want to miss!

Bring brightness to your product with a bright yellow to orange profile with a clear finish. Neutral taste profile. Natural Beta Carotene is suitable for high-temperature thermal processing, such as UHT, HTST as well as confectionery and bakery applications. Besides, it is formulated with antioxidants to help stabilise the pigment from UV degradation over the […]

A New Era of Extracts with Plant-Ex

A New Era of Extracts with Plant-Ex

Natural extracts are a great way to introduce powerful flavours into your products whilst providing a clean label declaration. By taking high-quality raw materials derived from natural sources from all over the world, Plant-Ex can provide products that enable our customers to have a unique declaration, flavour, or function within their own products, adding value […]

Food Protection Systems with Plant-Ex

Food Protection Systems with Plant-Ex

The goal of FPS is to research and develop sustainable, natural protective formulations that allow us at Plant-Ex to provide our customers with a higher quality, longer-lasting product for use in food manufacturing. Antioxidants are known to prevent colour degradation in food products, a study was conducted to quantify the extent of protection that some […]

A trip to France to discover the roots of our Salted Caramel Powder!

Are you ready to travel through taste? Today Plant-Ex is taking you to Brittany France, where salted Caramel’s origins were traced back to Henri le Roux in his family pastry shop around the 70s. After years of testing and delicious food made with the salted caramel, we all understood that there is no such thing […]

A British tradition is becoming popular worldwide

Though many colours can be applied to custard, it is often coloured yellow. Annatto Curcumin blend colour seems to be a perfect match for this product. This natural colour has been extracted from Annatto and Curcumin is Vegan, Kosher, Halal, and Coeliac suitable and GMO free. With a deep orange to brown appearance, this free-flowing […]