Oktoberfest – All Things Beer

September is upon us and that can only mean one thing… Oktoberfest is about to be in full swing! Oktoberfest is an annual event held in Germany, featuring a beer festival and a carnival, and is said to be the world’s largest beer festival. Oktoberfest runs from mid-September to the start of October and gains […]

Fruit and Vegetable Juice Powders

Fruit and Vegetable powders come from high-quality juice concentrates, purees and not-from-concentrate juices. Plant-Ex can provide a from-the-named-source (FTNF) label declaration for any fruit or vegetable our customer requires in an easy-to-handle, highly soluble, powdered format. These products have many applications, and the flavour opportunities are endless. Plant-Ex recommends the following applications; sports nutrition, snacks, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to E-Numbers

What are E-numbers? E-numbers are standardised codes used for substances that are used as food additives, and each E-number relates to a different additive. On the back of the pack, you can declare the E-number rather than the name. For example, Carmine extract can be declared as E120. The code starts with an ‘E’ which […]

Exploring the World of Vegan ‘Meat’ Flavours

Exploring the world of vegan meat flavours

Consumers are increasingly choosing plant-based sources of protein, but still crave the satisfying taste of meat. As vegan meat prices rise, we can help you cost-effectively create juicy vegan products that taste just like the real thing. You don’t have to compromise on taste for vegan products with the use of Plant-Ex’s flavours! In order […]

The Ultimate Guide For Sports Nutrition

The ultimate guide for sports nutrition

Attention all sports nutrition enthusiasts and manufacturers! Are you looking for some inspiration for your next product launch? Well, look no further, as we’re delving into our most requested flavours and extracts, to help your NPD Departments to create the next big hit. Keep reading below to find out more. Energy/Cereal Bars Introducing athlete’s favourite […]

The Power of Colour

The power of colour

Have you ever noticed how a visually appealing dish can instantly make your mouth water, even before you take the first bite? The captivating colours of food have a profound impact on our perception of taste, and the impact of food colour on consumer perception should not be underestimated. From vibrant greens to luscious reds, […]

The secret to vegan cheese

The secret to vegan cheese blog banner

In recent years, the dairy aisles in supermarkets are stocking up with dairy alternative product, as consumers are becoming more vegan-conscious and choosing plant-based options. Vegan cheese is possibly the most challenging food to replicate for food manufacturers, whilst also being the most cited obstacle for those eating plant-based diets – simply because nearly everyone […]

New Q2 flavour launches

New Flavour Launches from Plant-Ex

Following on from our popular new flavour launches from Q1, we are delighted to introduce our new flavour innovations from Plant-Ex during Q2. Our Flavourists have been working hard in NPD, now with more flavours than ever before! Carry on reading to discover just a few of our favourite new flavour launches from Q2 of […]

The Sweet World of Marshmallows

popular colours and flavours for marshmallows

At Plant-Ex we have been focusing on marshmallow colour and flavour innovation. Typically, marshmallows are flavoured with vanilla or strawberry, keeping it nice and simple for all consumers to love. However, over the years we have seen manufacturers produce various innovative products; from raspberry ripple marshmallows to a bright blue, bubblegum-flavoured marshmallow for something more […]