How To: Citrus Flavours

As our taste palates evolve and become more adventurous, it seems like citrus fruit flavours are everywhere! From lemon to grapefruit, orange to lime, these bright and zesty flavours are making their mark on the food and drink industry. Whether it’s in sweet or savoury dishes, paired with tea or infused in cocktails, citrus flavours […]

It’s Botanical Time

What is a botanical extract? Botanical can be defined as a substance that has derived from a plant. Often these are herbs, spices and floral flavours. Consequently, botanical flavours often give an authentic and concentrated taste due to their natural origins, causing consumers to gravitate towards them, especially with the rising trend of sustainability. Botanicals […]

Q4 Flavours Launch

It has come to the end of another year full of innovation and expertise in the flavours, colours and extracts industry. This year we have seen all things from sweet, confectionery flavours to rich and complex savoury flavours and everything in between. Innovation and expertise have been at the forefront of every flavour creation and […]

Tea Flavours

What’s Next for the Tea Industry? Tea drinking has occurred for thousands of years, however, the industry continues to evolve and tea flavours are becoming more innovative. Whilst the classic breakfast tea is consistently a firm favourite, the portfolio of tea flavours in the market is vast and there has been a surge in other […]

Christmas Blog 2023

Christmas is the time of year when food takes centre stage throughout the entire festive period. Whether that be party food, sweet treats or a full Christmas dinner, food is the focus point of Christmas gatherings. From classic and traditional flavours to festive twists and even entirely unique flavours, the food industry is always booming […]

All About Taste

Taste is our fifth sense. Taste cells or receptors detect food and drink molecules on the tongue and then send signals to the brain to create an emotion. Subsequently, taste is associated with strong emotions. They can lead to a state of pleasure or displeasure. Originally, our sense of taste was used as a survival […]

Plant-Ex’s Halloween Inspiration

Halloween has grown in popularity in the UK, expanding from a 1 day event to at least a weeks worth of celebrations. As a result, the demand for spooky-themed foods and beverages has also increased, as well as the need for innovative ideas. The demand for Halloween snacks, chocolates and sweets continues to grow as […]

All About Hot Beverages

All about hot beverages blog banner

Hot beverages are highly consumed by the public with teas and coffees often being a daily occurrence, even multiple times a day. It is unsurprising, therefore, that customers are continuously searching for new and innovative twists on the everyday hot beverage. Coffee syrups, flavoured teas and diverse hot chocolate flavours are taking centre stage in […]

New Q3 Flavour Launches

Q3 flavour launch

We are excited to announce our Q3 new flavour launches which highlight Plant-Ex’s innovation and expertise in flavour creation! Our Flavourists have been non-stop in the NPD Department to continue growing our vast range of delicious flavours. In addition to our Q1 and Q2 flavour launches, we now introduce our Q3 edition. Savoury: Savoury flavours […]

Oktoberfest – All Things Beer

September is upon us and that can only mean one thing… Oktoberfest is about to be in full swing! Oktoberfest is an annual event held in Germany, featuring a beer festival and a carnival, and is said to be the world’s largest beer festival. Oktoberfest runs from mid-September to the start of October and gains […]