All about Essential Oils and Oleoresins

all about essential oils and oleoresins blog post

Everything you need to know about essential oils and oleoresins … Essential oils and oleoresins make up a large portion of Plant-Ex’s Extracts Division. We have a variety of carefully sourced, high-quality essential oils and oleoresins from sweet fruits to savoury spices, and everything in between. What are Essential Oils and Oleoresins? Essential oils and […]

The Profiles of Chocolate Flavours

different flavour profiles of chocolate blog

Chocolate never fails to impress, and is enjoyed by nearly everyone. Consumers want to indulge and what better way to do this than heavenly chocolate that melts in your mouth? Everyone loves chocolate, but how can you describe the different flavour profiles that chocolate brings? Carry on reading as we take you on a delicious […]

The Ultimate Guide to Purple Colours

purple colour blog post

Manufacturers use the colour purple to promote good quality, and it helps to encourage people to eat healthier and try new and exciting foods. Portraying healthiness in your food and beverages is becoming more and more important, as healthy eating has become a dominant trend this year. Purple is very rare in food and drink, […]

How is Vanilla Extract made?

How is vanilla extract made blog

Where does vanilla extract come from? It’s in the name – it’s made by soaking aged/cured vanilla beans in ethanol and water to ‘extract’ all of their flavour compounds. Read on more as we show you just exactly how it is done, the benefits and where you can use Plant-Ex’s vanilla extract in application… Step […]

Top Extracts of 2022

Top extratcs of the year blog

The extracts division at Plant-Ex is a diverse one – we have a large variety of oils, oleoresins and powders for sweet and savoury applications. To officially round off 2022, we have listed the top extracts per division in this blog. Working on NPD that requires a product mentioned below? Get in touch with us […]

Top Colours of 2022

Top colours of the year blog

We’re here to show you which colours were the most popular among our customers throughout 2022. Colour is arguably one of the most important components of a food or beverage product (although we are slightly biased!). Its the first thing consumers see when looking at the shelves and helps them to determine the freshness and […]

Top Flavours of 2022

top flavours of 2022

As we progress into 2023, we decided to officially wrap up 2022 by presenting you with our top flavours of the year for each division. It became apparent that a lot of ‘traditional’ flavours still remained the most popular across the board, however it was nice to see a few unique flavours in the mix. […]

The Different Flavour Profiles of Vanilla

different flavour profiles of vanilla

Is it really a surprise that Vanilla is considered to be the world’s favourite flavour? A subtle but intoxicating combination of sweet, creamy, and floral notes. For any sweet application, Vanilla flavour is a go-to. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of different profiles to a vanilla flavour – from creamy to buttery; beany […]

The Process of Spray Drying

The Process of Spray Drying Blog

Traceability is at the forefront of what we do, and having on-site spray driers at our sites in the UK and Turkey means we have complete control over the process from sampling to production and right through to dispatch. Our team are experts in this field – keep reading to find out how our spray […]

The Process of Matching a Colour

The process of matching a colour blog

Plant-Ex are here to meet all your needs… Colour matching is a popular service that is offered to our new and existing customers at Plant-Ex. It is the process whereby we match the colour supplied by your incumbent supplier in order to offer a more competitive price, shorter lead times and a better level of […]