Christmas Blog 2023

Christmas Blog 2023

Christmas is the time of year when food takes centre stage throughout the entire festive period. Whether that be party food, sweet treats or a full Christmas dinner, food is the focus point of Christmas gatherings. From classic and traditional flavours to festive twists and even entirely unique flavours, the food industry is always booming in the Christmas months. Flavours are not the only important aspect of Christmas food – the seasonal colours can turn an ordinary product into a Christmas spectacle.

Plant-Ex can help you capture the festive spirit with our distinct Christmas flavours and perfect colours. Every year there are new Christmas trends for flavours but the classic flavours are simply timeless.

Classic Christmas flavours are staples during the Christmas period and arguably nothing will beat them; they deliver a sense of nostalgia and truly make you feel festive! For example, the sweet spiced blend of a mince pie immediately signifies that the Christmas period has begun.

Take a look at Plant-Ex’s classic Christmas flavours:

To keep consumers excited, and even as a way to entice new customers to your brand, the Christmas season brings an opportunity to launch limited edition specials and unique twists on classic products. Crisps are a prime example of where innovation is thriving during Christmas, with new flavour launches from a multitude of brands entering the market annually.

New Christmas Flavours:

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Spiced Rum Flavour

Brown Butter Flavour

Honey Glazed Gammon with Orange and Bourbon

Forest Mushroom and Wild Truffle

Beef Dripping with Beer

Wondering what to do with our flavours? Here are just a few exciting ideas on how our flavours can be used during the Christmas season but please let us know if you have any exciting ideas that we can help execute.

End product ideas:

Rum and Cola Glazed Ham

Christmas Spiced Cheese

Sticky Toffee Cheddar

Spiced Rum Stuffing

Cranberry and Spiced Orange Mince Pies

Chocolate and Honeycomb Yule Log

Brown Butter and Rum Shortbread

Christmas is not all about flavours. The colours can be used to represent different Christmas elements such as Red for Santa Claus, Green for the Christmas Tree and White for snow. This can help distinguish the product as ‘Christmas’ themed for customers to recognise and highlight that they are limited edition. Plant-Ex has excellent colours for all different applications this Christmas.

Christmas Colours:

These are not the only options for Christmas colours, we have a wide portfolio of natural colours to choose from. Plant-Ex has colour specialists who can inform you about the most suitable colours for your application, such as heat-stable colours for bakery applications.

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas colour, a classic festive flavour or you want to be innovative for Christmas, Plant-Ex can help you achieve your Christmas goals! Be prepared for all your Christmas applications for 2024 and email

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