carmine replacement in minced beef applications

Case Study by the department of Food Protection Systems at Plant-Ex ingredients  Currently, Carmine blends are used to provide the pink colour in seasonings which are then used in meat products. Carmine is not a clean label colouring foodstuffs, therefore it presents challenges with consumer perception and familiarity, which in turn can be problematic for […]

Get Ready For a Melting Hot Summer

ice cream red beet colours and flavours

A hot summer is ahead which means ice cream producers will be busy manufacturing to keep up with the demand… but what are the ice cream trends for this summer?  Plant-Ex’s Research & Development Team has been studying consumer trends for ice cream, and is keen to share what will be popular in Summer 2022, […]

Next level Bakery ingredients

Discover next level bakery ingredients - colours, flavours and extracts

Are you looking to create the next most delicious bakery product on the market? You are in the right place. With our NPD team, we curated a list of flavours, and colours that will help make your products the best in the market. With unique delicious flavours, that will make your customers come back looking […]

The secret ingredient for natural-looking beverages

blog post showing how to make your beverages look natural - best colours, flavours and extracts

We all as food manufacturers have one goal, make our products look and taste natural. In this article, we want to focus on what makes beverages look natural. Customers tend to choose natural-looking products because it provides them with a sense of safety, it represents a familiar look that they are used to. Then the […]


whats new this year - colours, flavours and extracts added to portfolio

International Ingredient Manufacturer Plant-Ex Ingredients Ltd is following up their two years of investments into their UK, Polish and Turkish sites with an innovative selection of products in the “New for ‘22” portfolio. Technical Director Daniel Tomei explains; “Plant-Ex are relatively unique in having all of the building blocks for taste and appearance within our […]

Anthocyanins 101

what are anthocyanins different applications

What are Anthocyanins? Anthocyanin is an umbrella term for a group of pigments that are primarily found in fruits and vegetables. Every type of anthocyanin has a different shade which changes according to the pH of the applications it’s used in. Anthocyanins are best suited to low pH applications, giving off a variety of shades. […]

All you need to know about Caramels

caramel portfolio of colours and flavours

Burnt Sugar is a caramelised sugar syrup produced through the controlled heating of food sugars without the addition of other ingredients/additives. The Maillard reaction caramelised the starches contained in sugar and produces the brown colour and caramel flavour. Plant-Ex offers a large range of caramels that can be used for multiple applications serving different purposes. […]

The best ingredients to use for Sports Nutrition

sport nutrition food and beverage

Did you know that we provide Colours, Top note flavours, Extracts and FPS for Sports nutrition? Yes, we do! If you’re looking to attract all the athletes and healthy lifestylers on your side check our top ingredients to win them over! COLOURS Years of experience in the natural colours sector, combined with a development team […]

The Ultimate Ingredients Guide for Valentine

Valentine food and beverage aroma flavours and colours

The ingredient guide for a delicious and romantic Valentine. Plant-Ex has always been up to challenges, making ingredients for every occasion, holiday and season with the help of our R&D team this year we are presenting a valentine edition with colours that will give a romantic vibe to your products, flavours that will bring love […]

Cost and Risk Reduction through the use of extracts instead of raw herbs/spices


Until 2021, arguably the most cost effective means of achieving, for example, a black pepper taste into a food product was to add ground black pepper into the mixture. Dehydrated and heat treated, the majority microbial risk would be mitigated, and the processing cost minimised – coupled with low cost international freight rates – most […]