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How To: Citrus Flavours

As our taste palates evolve and become more adventurous, it seems like citrus fruit flavours are everywhere! From lemon to grapefruit, orange to lime, these bright and zesty flavours are making their mark on the food and drink industry. Whether it’s in sweet or savoury dishes, paired with tea or infused in cocktails, citrus flavours are increasingly popular. Even lesser-known members of the citrus family such as Yuzu and Kaffir Lime are establishing themselves in the market and offering opportunities for unique flavour combinations.

Take a look through this guide for inspiration in using citrus flavours in different applications and industries:


The bakery industry is very familiar with citrus flavours as they continue to be some of the favourite flavours for different bakery applications. From sponges and biscuits to pastries and tarts, citrus flavours are a bakery essential.


A zesty orange flavour paired with a rich chocolate to make the perfect citrus and sweet balance. Chocolate and Orange double layered cake is an indulgent treat. It is just one example of how orange can be used within the bakery industry.


What makes lemon such a popular flavour in bakery applications is its ability to be the star of the show or to act as a more delicate addition to another flavour. For example, you could either have a Sicilian lemon as a flavour by itself, perhaps in a biscuit application, or you could pair lemon with white chocolate for a more indulgent flavour.


The beverage industry is very familiar with citrus flavours. Both hot and cold beverages are often paired with different members of the citrus flavours for a boost of flavour. Orange and lemon have made their mark as staple beverage flavours, however, the demand for unique and innovative creations has made way for lesser-known citrus fruits.

Blood Orange

This citrus fruit has seen an emergence in popularity and the beverage industry has taken this flavour to new levels. Blood Orange Lemonade, Blood Orange infused cocktails or even Blood Orange flavoured health drinks, this flavour can expand your current flavour portfolio with its sharp and tangy flavour profile.


Grapefruit is one of the less commonly used members of the citrus family but its flavour profile is perfect for a sour drink application. The sharpness combined with its tropical profile gives Grapefruit its distinct flavour. Popular Grapefruit flavour combinations, perfect for cocktails or mocktails, include grapefruit and lime, grapefruit and cranberry, and even grapefruit and honey.


Sweets, chocolates and other sugared candies are often associated with bold and vibrant flavours. Therefore, citrus flavours are often the perfect solution for making delicious and exciting confectionery products.


Mandarin is a fruity citrus flavour which often finds itself in sweets such as fizzy sweets, hard-boiled candies and jellies. The fresh and juicy flavour of mandarin is a perfect balance of sweet and citrus which is why it lends itself to the confectionery industry.


Lime is a fun citrus flavour with its tartness and hint of sweetness combined with the bright green colour. Fizzy, sour sweets often use lime as the perfect citrus flavour to capture the sharp elements whilst still having an undertone of sweetness.


The sharpness of citrus fruits can cut through the fatty notes of many dairy applications to create a perfect balance of creamy and light.


Limes are bright and vibrant fruits that are packed full of flavour. A popular type of lime is Mexican Lime as it can add complexity and zest to so many dishes. For example, a yoghurt or a Panna Cotta can be paired with Kaffir Lime for an exciting citrus flavour.


Tangerine has a sweet and zesty tang which is yet to be explored fully. Its juicy flavour profile is perfectly suited for many dairy applications and there are so many opportunities for this surprisingly versatile flavour.

Seasoning & Sauces

Citrus flavours can lend themselves to a variety of seasonings and sauces such as meat rubs, dipping sauces and roast potato seasonings.


Yuzu is an unusual citrus fruit that can be an exciting change from the generic lemon or lime which is commonly used in seasonings and sauces. The rising trend of Yuzu is not one to miss out on, especially its ability to enhance a dish.

Mexican Lime

Mexican Lime is fantastic for use in sauces and seasonings for so many reasons… It enables you to declare Mexican provenance, adds a Mexican flair to any dish and can be paired with Chilli for the perfect Chilli and Lime flavour.


The snack industry is overflowing with new flavour possibilities, however, citrus flavours are a reliable and consistently popular flavour choice. Citrus flavours can be paired with so many other delicious flavours such as chocolates, spices and botanicals.

Some popular flavour pairings include:

Orange and Cinnamon

Lemon and Coconut

Lime and Watermelon

Grapefruit and Dark Chocolate

Yuzu and Chilli

Blood Orange and Almond

Citrus flavours are exciting, trendy and delicious. If you are interested in our citrus extracts, please contact

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