its the whey forward

It’s the Whey Forward!

What is Clear Whey?

Clear Whey protein is a whey isolate that has been hydrolysed resulting in a fine powder that is water soluble and low in lactose. As a result, a clear-looking shake can be created.

Clear Whey protein is growing rapidly in popularity. It is an excellent way to consume protein or simply for a delicious and nutritious drink. Clear whey is a light, juice-like protein drink as opposed to its dairy-focused alternative. So if you are not a fan of thick, milky drinks then clear whey could be the perfect alternative for you. When you think of a protein shake, the flavours that typically come to mind are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and maybe caramel. To then imagine a sour apple or mixed berries protein drink is completely contrasting.

Clear whey protein has opened the door for a whole new capacity of flavours for protein shakes and protein powders. The time to develop your clear whey protein portfolio is now to stay ahead of the trend and be the first to explore new flavour opportunities.

Clear Whey Flavours:

Here is where Plant-Ex can step in. Once you have sourced your clear whey protein, we can help make this product taste delicious with our water-soluble powdered flavours. Elevate your product with our variety of flavours that taste just like the real deal!


Citrus flavours have a balanced flavour profile with combinations of delicate and powerful notes, sweet yet sharp elements and overall distinctive flavours. This has resulted in citrus flavours not only gaining popularity but remaining a firm favourite for a long time now. Citrus flavours aren’t just a rising trend, they can be depended on for years to come. For more citrus inspiration, take a read of our recent citrus flavours blog post here.

Flavour Examples:

Lemon & Lime

Blood Orange



Botanical flavours are taking the food and beverage industry by storm! The perceived health benefit of the botanical extracts aligns with the growing consumer trend of living a healthy lifestyle. In addition, these floral, citrus and fresh flavours are exciting and can even be considered a luxury which is another reason for their popularity.

Flavour Examples:

Elderflower and Raspberry

Rose and Ginger

Lime and Basil

Bold and Daring:

There is an opportunity in this industry for innovative and exciting flavours to stand out from the classics and make a statement. Whether that’s a twist on a common flavour or a flavour that is unique to the market, there are endless opportunities.

Flavour Examples:

Fruit Pastilles

Lemon Meringue

Strawberry Woo Woo


Take a trip down memory lane with these trending flavours. From childhood favourites to classic retro sweets, nostalgic flavours are a mix of excitement and familiarity. There is something special about these flavours that keep consumers always coming back for more!

Flavour Examples:


Sherbert Lemon

Cherry Bakewell

Clear Whey Innovations:

What’s a better way to end a workout than by sitting down to enjoy a clear whey mocktail?

All you need is Plant-Ex’s mojito flavour, a scoop of clear whey protein, soda water, ice and a mint garnish and you have yourself a protein-packed mocktail! What’s not to love?

Fancy something a bit icier to cool off? Why not try a clear whey ice lolly…

A fruity and refreshing flavour such as orange, lemonade or elderflower is the perfect pairing for an ice lolly, especially on a hot summer’s day.

Need a Plant-Ex flavour to perfect another clear whey product creation? Email today for flavour information and sample requests.

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