Cost and Risk Reduction through the use of extracts instead of raw herbs/spices

Until 2021, arguably the most cost effective means of achieving, for example, a black pepper taste into a food product was to add ground black pepper into the mixture. Dehydrated and heat treated, the majority microbial risk would be mitigated, and the processing cost minimised – coupled with low cost international freight rates – most […]

The ingredients guide to a perfect Christmas

2022 Christmas is a year away, but you need to get ready from now. Have you thought about the colours you will include? How about the flavours and extracts? Have you thought about how to protect those products and extends their shelf life? Don’t panic, this guide will help you get ideas and show you […]

What is the difference between Natural Colours and Colouring Foodstuffs?

Food colours are used to restore, enhance and differentiate food products in a wide variety of applications. Creating eye-catching products is key to standing out in an ever-growing marketplace. With consumers increasingly more health-focused and knowledgeable about food labelling and artificial ingredients, there has been a strong uptake in the use of Clean-Label, natural plant […]

Our distributor in Spain

About 4 years ago Alifarma became our official distributor in Spain. Here is an interview we held recently that will allow you to know them better. Can you tell us a bit about the story behind Alifarma? How did the company start?Alifarma was established in 1988 as an independent company within the Pintaluba Group, selling […]

Our partner in Pakistan

Plant-Ex’s is now in Pakistan This is our interview with our official distributor in Pakistan Foodients’s CEO Anwaar Hussain. Talk to us a bit about Foodients? How was the company founded? The idea behind it was simple, it was the merge of the two words of food and ingredients. I wanted to provide a healthy […]

FPS Meat application

This article is available as a more in-depth brochure available by contacting PLANT- EX FOOD PROTECTION SYSTEMS We aim to create natural antioxidants and preservatives that provide mostly clean label solutions for use in the food and beverages industry. -Able to source and supply products internationally, with ease, from trusted suppliers. -A wide range […]

Efficacy Testing Of Bake Protect CA

Aim: Develop a suitable antioxidant for use in oils, bakery, cereals and snack applications and test the efficacy in a high-fat butter cookie prone to oxidation. Concept: Formulate a combination of antioxidants that provide sufficient oxidation inhibition on two levels – oxygen scavenger + free radical scavenger. The formulation should provide efficacy against a synthetic […]

Natural Beta Carotene, a colour that you don’t want to miss!

Bring brightness to your product with a bright yellow to orange profile with a clear finish. Neutral taste profile. Natural Beta Carotene is suitable for high-temperature thermal processing, such as UHT, HTST as well as confectionery and bakery applications. Besides, it is formulated with antioxidants to help stabilise the pigment from UV degradation over the […]

A New Era of Extracts with Plant-Ex

A New Era of Extracts with Plant-Ex

Natural extracts are a great way to introduce powerful flavours into your products whilst providing a clean label declaration. By taking high-quality raw materials derived from natural sources from all over the world, Plant-Ex can provide products that enable our customers to have a unique declaration, flavour, or function within their own products, adding value […]