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The secret to vegan cheese

In recent years, the dairy aisles in supermarkets are stocking up with dairy alternative product, as consumers are becoming more vegan-conscious and choosing plant-based options.

Vegan cheese is possibly the most challenging food to replicate for food manufacturers, whilst also being the most cited obstacle for those eating plant-based diets – simply because nearly everyone loves cheese! Since noticing the vegan and plant-based cheese market growth, Plant-Ex invested in our R&D and Application Kitchen to try and test various colour and flavour combinations until they found the most characteristic balance.

Keep reading to have a look at our vegan cheese flavour and colour suggestions to replicate the real thing… Please note, Plant-Ex are not vegan cheese manufacturers, and all work was completed in our Application’s Kitchen.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese

Sharp, creamy, and mature… Plant-Ex’s Cheddar Cheese flavour mimics the profile of the UK’s most popular type of cheese. In application, it grills nicely when in a sandwich, grated onto pasta, or used in a creamy sauce – you can’t taste the difference. We used safflower extract to colour our vegan cheese, keeping the back of pack clean-label!

Want to become the next leader of the Vegan cheese market? The answer is right here. Our Vegan cheese flavours are a proven game-changer.

vegan cheddar cheese flavour in application
For more information, check out our applications page here

Vegan Edam Cheese

Another popular cheese is Edam cheese – so of course, we created a flavour perfect for replicating the creaminess of real edam… your consumers will thank you for using our Edam-type flavour.

Smooth, nutty, and creamy with a hint of butter… Close your eyes, and you cannot tell which is the dairy Edam cheese and the vegan substitute. “Vegan Cheese Heaven!” We coloured our Vegan Edam cheese using safflower extract.

For more information, check out our applications page here

Vegan Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is another favourite for all the cheese lovers in the world. It has a slightly stronger taste, with salty and tangy flavour notes.

Tangy, salty, and full. Plant-Ex’s Vegan Feta Cheese is delicious and genuinely has a multi-purpose, all while being packed with protein. Crumble it over salads, and it tastes like the real deal!

For more information, check out our applications page here

Other cheese flavours from Plant-Ex for your vegan applications:

  • Parmesan
  • Blue Cheese
  • Gouda
  • Mozzarella

When creating a vegan alternative for cheese, the other thing to consider is the colour. Using Plant-Ex’s natural colours, you can reach your desired shade to create a fresh, yellow vegan cheese, so consumers won’t know the difference.

As cheese has a fatty base, it is best to use oil soluble colours in application. Plant-Ex have various OS colours that provide a yellow shade, such as beta carotene, annatto or safflower. All of these colours have excellent heat stability, which is important to consider in the manufacturing process.

Contact us today to streamline your R&D process and release your next big vegan hit in the food industry! Get ahead of the game now – the team at Plant-Ex are here to help guide you through it!

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