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Your Guide To Vinegar Powders

Vinegar Powders are the most popular products from our extracts division. We take high-quality vinegar powders which are then spray dried onto a carrier, typically maltodextrin, producing a flavoursome vinegar powder.

Our vinegar powders are standardised and tested according to their acetic acid content; the levels vary depending on the vinegar, but our powders can be anywhere between 2% and 10%. We test these levels using an in-house titration method. Acetic acid is a very volatile compound and can be lost from vinegar through evaporation over shelf-life. By spray-drying vinegar powders, Plant-Ex provides a product that has a longer shelf life than that of standard vinegar because the acetic acid has been encapsulated, meaning it is less prone to evaporation.

All of our vinegar powders are clean-label as they are made from the source itself – this is a great way to entice consumers as it keeps the label nice, simple and easy to read.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder

Apple cider vinegar powder in application

It’s no secret that consumers are veering towards healthier lifestyles, and with that comes the ‘good gut health’ trend! Apple cider vinegar has been used as a home remedy for years due to its high acetic-acid content. Over time, the natural acetic acid content of vinegar evaporates… cue Plant-Ex’s Apple Cider Vinegar Powder!

Our apple cider vinegar powder is popular with nutraceutical manufacturers; typically, ACV Powder is made into capsules, creating a convenient at-home remedy for consumers. Alternatively, use our apple cider vinegar powder in snacks, or for apple cider vinegar gummies!

Product CodeProduct NameAcetic Acid Content
FI3030Apple Cider Vinegar Powder7.5 – 8.5%
FI015325NApple Cider Vinegar Powder> 11%
FI018653NWest Country Apple Cider Vinegar Powder2 – 5%
FI018755OOrganic Apple Cider Vinegar Powder5 – 8%

Want to use Apple Cider Vinegar Powder in your products whilst also declaring provenance? Enquire about our West Country Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, today!

Balsamic Vinegar Powder

Balsamic Vinegar powder in application

Are you a crisp manufacturer with a discerning target audience? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Plant-Ex recommends using our balsamic vinegar powder with a little bit of Himalayan sea salt for that extra step up from the classic salt and vinegar crisps. It really turns the volume up!

You could also try mixing caramelised onion with Plant-Ex’s balsamic vinegar powder in your crisp seasoning to offer a fusion of flavour with a delicate twist, delivering a characteristic woody note – great for consumers seeking something a little different.

Typically, the brown colour of balsamic vinegar comes from ageing, however a lot of manufacturers will actually add E150d to their balsamic vinegar to deepen the brown colour. At Plant-Ex, we manufacture a balsamic vinegar powder that is caramel free to allow for a clean-label. We have also got a balsamic vinegar powder with an organic declaration if required!

Product CodeProduct NameAcetic Acid Content
FI013943ABalsamic Vinegar Powder CF4.8 – 5.8%
FI018721OOrganic Balsamic Vinegar Powder3.6 – 4.6%

Malt Vinegar Powder

malt vinegar powder on popcorn

Fish and chips is typically where malt vinegar gets used, in order to balance the acidity with the oiliness. Through the use of malt vinegar powder, you open the door to so many more applications.

NPD Departments are always trying to think outside the box. Why not look into savoury popcorn? Salt and vinegar crisps are popular, but it is rare to find salt and vinegar popcorn on retailer shelves. Not only is this outside the box, it also targets health-conscious consumers.

If you are looking for some more inspiration for your snack products, check out our blog post here. Start your NPD now as on-the-snacking is becoming increasingly popular, so you can stay ahead of the evolving trends.

Product CodeProduct NameAcetic Acid Content
FI013078AMalt Vinegar Powder7.5 – 10%

Red Wine Vinegar Powder

red wine vinegar powder in meat application

Red Wine Vinegar powder is an easy way to add a tangy and tart flavour to your snack coatings, dry mixes, sauces, and other seasoning blends, without using liquid vinegar. Not only this, but by using powders over liquids (or thick vinegars!) production clean-down is much quicker.

Red wine vinegar is a simple way to bring a level of sweetness to your dishes wherever you need it We like it rubbed onto braised beef for a sophisticated taste, as it pairs extremely well with red meats (also alongside a big glass of wine, because why not!).

Product CodeProduct NameAcetic Acid Content
FI012546ARed Wine Vinegar Powder6 – 8%

White Wine Vinegar Powder

white wine vinegar

If you are after a vinegar powder that gives a fresh note to your application, white wine vinegar powder is a game changer! It helps to enhance those fruity flavours, whilst also adding a tart flavour.

It is a basic ingredient in the kitchen and can be added to various applications. Try whisking it into a marinade for a creamy chicken dish (it pairs well with the heaviness of the cream). Alternatively, you can use it in dressing for your summer salad!

Product CodeProduct NameAcetic Acid Content
FI014395AWhite Wine Vinegar Powder5 – 9%

Sherry Vinegar Powder

sherry vinegar powder in marinade

With less acidity than our red or white wine vinegar powders, Plant-Ex’s Sherry Vinegar Powder provides a slightly sweet and subtle caramel note. This makes it perfect for marinades, dips, meat rubs and more, due to its distinct flavour.

As consumers are stepping out of their comfort zones, swap out your apple cider vinegar powder for sherry vinegar powder for a more complex and rounded flavour. For instance, you could try adding a sprinkle to your salsa verde for the acidic notes.

Product CodeProduct NameAcetic Acid Content
FI014908NSherry Vinegar Powder5 – 8%

Rice Wine Vinegar Powder

rice wine vinegar powder in meat rub

Rice wine vinegar is a very common ingredient in Asian cuisines. This is because of its popular sweet and slightly tangy notes to your dishes. We recommend using Plant-Ex’s rice wine vinegar powder to marinate meats or as a stir-fry dry mix. It lends flavour and complexity to your product without the added moisture.

This is a great way to entice your adventurous consumers with flavours from around the world. For a sweet alternative, you could try adding a dash of rice wine vinegar powder to your sticky rice pudding for an East-Asian twist – your consumers will thank you for it!

Product CodeProduct NameAcetic Acid Content
FI016649NRice Wine Vinegar Powder2 – 3%

Spirit Vinegar Powder

spirit vinegar powder in fish and chips

Plant-Ex has also manufactured a spirit vinegar powder for a stronger acetic acid content. It is stronger and provides a more pungent flavour than our other vinegar powders.

Sprinkle some spirit vinegar powder onto your potato chips for a strong, sharp taste. We all love some salt and vinegar chips to remind us of the seaside! Using spirit vinegar powder is beneficial because it adds an acidic taste without liquid compromising the crispiness of the crisps.

Product CodeProduct NameAcetic Acid Content
FI1609Spirit Vinegar Powder9 – 10.5%
FI017635OOrganic Spirit Vinegar Powder9 – 10.5%

The benefits of using Plant-Ex Vinegar Powders:

  • They have a longer shelf life in comparison to liquid products
  • In-house spray drying, ensuring complete traceability throughout the supply chain
  • Clean-label declaration
  • Spray-dried products have better handling and storage characteristics
  • Price competitive and low MOQs

If you are after more information on Plant-Ex’s vinegar powders, get in touch today and request a copy of our vinegar portfolio today.

More bespoke lines of the above can be available to add more value to your product. For example, we have developed a West Country Apple Cider Vinegar Powder for added provenance and a caramel-free version of our Balsamic Vinegar Powder. For more information on added-value vinegar powders, please speak to our new product development team.

Having gained our certificate of conformity from the Organic Food Federation in 2019, Plant-Ex can supply quality organic products to an ever-growing organic marketplace. Please speak to our new product development team to discover the available organic vinegar powders.

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