Raspberry Lemon Verbena Flavour – “Flavourists Creation”

Nothing beats the flavour of fresh, in-season Raspberries during the summer months. In our latest creation, the humble Raspberry is given a refreshing, summery twist with the combination of aromatic Lemon Verbena, to create a fruity, Lemon sherbet-like flavour with a zingy herbal, citrus back note.

Despite its strong Lemon scent, the citrusy herb Lemon Verbena (Aloysia citrodora) has a less intense flavour than similar citrus herbs, such as Lemon Balm and Lemongrass, which gives the flavour a refreshing, Lemon-like scent at the beginning, that gradually transforms into a sweet, floral, and fruity aroma from the Raspberry.

Flavour profile:

Citrusy, herbal brightness of the Lemon Verbena happens to pair perfectly well with the sweet, floral notes of the Raspberry.

Format and label declaration:

  • Liquid, water-soluble (DEV020955N) – to be used in soft/alcoholic/carbonated beverages, ice lollies, ice creams, sorbets, mocktails, summer coolers, icings, bakery fillings, jams, sauces, syrups
  • Powder, water-soluble (DEV020958N) – suitable for sports nutrition, protein shakes, bakery dry mixes, sponge cakes
  • Declaration: “Natural Flavouring”

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