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All About Hot Beverages

Hot beverages are highly consumed by the public with teas and coffees often being a daily occurrence, even multiple times a day. It is unsurprising, therefore, that customers are continuously searching for new and innovative twists on the everyday hot beverage. Coffee syrups, flavoured teas and diverse hot chocolate flavours are taking centre stage in the hot beverage industry and Plant-Ex have the products available to help you with exciting flavour creations.


Coffee is a staple for a high percentage of the population and although a simple black coffee is often reached for at home, consumers are keen to try new coffee creations when out and about. Emerging trends include buttered coffee, ice cream in coffee, health-conscious alternatives and rich syrup flavours. An innovative example that Plant-Ex could help achieve is a Rum & Raisin ice cream coffee float, which is perfect and can be enjoyed hot or cold. For more information on our top ice cream flavours please read this blog!

Syrups are always a popular choice when it comes to ordering a coffee. The ability to turn a plain coffee into a sweet treat has made syrups the breakthrough in the coffee industry! Due to their popularity, there is already a wide range of syrup flavours, however, Plant-Ex can help think outside of the box and create innovative flavours. Seasonal twists, cocktail infusions and rich flavours have yet to be explored fully and could be a great addition to the existing coffee syrup portfolio.

Plant-Ex recommends the following innovative flavours:

Dulce de Leche

Cinnamon Roll

Fudge Brownie

Amaretto and Orange

Christmas Spice


The warm brown tone of a coffee has its own inviting qualities. Its comforting feel comes from the browns and caramels of the coffee colour which can be perfectly replicated. Plant-Ex recommends the following colours to create the ideal coffee colour:

Malt Extract – For a rich brown colour

Caramel – For a more golden coffee colour

Burnt Sugar Syrup – A light brown/golden colour

Hot Chocolate

With the coming of winter, the demand for hot chocolate is rising! As the flavour trends evolve, we’ve noticed a few new ingredients adding to the mix. From spicy chillis to nuts and marshmallows, there are so many ways to make your hot chocolate special. Just imagine a velvety hot chocolate paired with a sharp cherry for a delicious flavour sensation. The opportunities are endless. This classic winter treat needs a modern makeover and Plant-Ex can help to achieve this.

Recommended Plant-Ex Flavours:

Dark Chocolate



Chocolate orange

Tonka Bean


The classic colour of hot chocolate is a deep brown colour to represent the chocolate flavour. However, this does not mean hot chocolates are limited to being brown. Have you ever considered a white hot chocolate partnered with a rich vanilla flavour or a pink-coloured hot chocolate flavoured with raspberry for a fruity twist? Plant-Ex recommends the following colours:

Brown – Burnt Sugar Syrup

White – Calcium Carbonate

Pink – Red Beet


hot beverages teas

Tea is a staple throughout the year, however, its ability to make anyone feel at home is more appreciated during the colder months. Whether it’s a classic Earl Grey tea you are after or something more fruity and green, Plant-Ex can provide the perfect tea flavours. Tea can be infused with so many delicate flavours and can also be combined with nutraceutical products for that added health benefit. Consumers are increasingly becoming more health conscious so adding a nutraceutical tea to your range is guaranteed to be popular.

Plant-Ex recommends the following tea flavours:

Green Tea

Lemon and Ginger

Earl Grey Tea

Kombucha Tea

Rosehip and Raspberry


Green (green tea) – Spirulina

Yellow (lemon, ginger, chamomile) – Beta Carotene

Red (berry) – Red Beet

Hot beverages are the centre of attention during winter and Plant-Ex’s products can make your beverage take the spotlight. With our flavour and colour expertise and innovative values, we can help to create exceptional coffees, hot chocolates and teas. There are countless more colour and flavour options available than those highlighted in this blog. Want to find out more? Contact today!

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