Broken Glass Halloween Cupcake

Already working on Halloween 2023 and need inspiration?🧛🏽‍♂️🧛🏽‍♂️You’ve come to the right place… Everyone loves cupcakes. Especially Halloween Cupcakes!

So we decided to show you a great way to use Plant-Ex colours and flavours to create that extra special treat, with a frightening twist! Our ‘Broken Glass’ cupcakes were made with a Chocolate flavoured sponge and a Tropical flavoured buttercream.

Chocolate Flavour – TF015872N (sponge) Dosage % – 1%

Tropical – TF015964N (buttercream) Dosage % – 0.2%

Strawberry – DEV018036A (blood jam) Dosage % – 0.3%

Decorated using Plant-Ex’s Ruby Red Blend to replicate blood:

Ruby Red WSL – CF020467A (blood jam) Dosage % – 1.5%

HIGHLY recommended for all things Halloween! Want to know more about our Halloween colours and flavours? Please get in touch and our team can assist you at

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Flavours and Colours for Halloween cupcake - red blood