Struggling to create that extra special, ghoulish product for Halloween? 🪦👻 Have no fear…Plant-Ex can help this Halloween season, providing you with new and exciting ideas to make your products stand out to consumers.

Our ‘Grave Halloween Dessert’ is made using a chocolate-flavoured sponge, in addition to a gingerbread-flavoured mousse, toffee-flavoured mud, along with a gummy worm coloured with our Safflower and Spirulina blend!

Worm part:

Spirulina Blue – CF014548A Dosage % – 2%

Safflower – CF0030 Dosage % – 0.2%

Lime Wash Flavour – TF019191N Dosage % – 0.4%

Headstone part:

Burnt Sugar – NC0021 Dosage % – 0.75%

Cinnamon Roll – TF016153N Dosage % – 0.2%


Toffee– DEV015624N Dosage % – 0.3%

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For more information on our Halloween top picks, as well as ingredients ideas check out our blog post here: Spooktacular Flavours and Colours for Halloween

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