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FPS is a division of Plant-Ex Ingredients Ltd, specialising in the use of Natural Ingredients to create clean label options for the enhancement of food safety, structure and presentation. Creating products to combat either microbial growth, pathogen growth or product oxidation, the FPS division are fast becoming recognised as the most innovative within this sector.

Vinegar based
Lemon Juice based
Ascorbic Acid

Texturising Agents

Frecuently used chemical Phosphates [E450] act to increase the water holding capacity of meat, by forcing the proteins apart, which in turn allows water to move in between protein molecules. Phosphates are also very good chelating agents.

Plant-ex have created clean label FPS products which have successfully replaced Phosphates in meat applications, and in many cases improved also upon the taste and yield of the product. These are based upon the creation of naturally occcurring Sodium Citrate salts through the reaction of the Lemon Juice and Sodium Bicarbonate.

Successful factory trials and implementation of Clean Label LCP into a variety of meat and prawn processing lines have demonstrated equivalent phosphate yield efficacy as well as substantial improvements in both texture and flavour.

LCP, when used at low addition rates, improves texture, succulence and mouthfeel as well as functionally increasing moisure binding, emulsification an yield.

Natural Yeld and Taste Enhancers

When using FPS products in marinade systems for raw and ready to eat application, the following advantages can be found.

– Purge and yield are reducec, leading to less drip loss in packaging and the product retaining a more succulent twxture.

– Colour stability improved over life, giving a fresh look to the product.

– Flavour boost and enhacement of salty, meaty and savoury notes can be achieved at low dosage rates due to the products natural flavouring properties.


Clean Lavel VS and VSP Micro Trials

Method: 1% dosage of VS and VSP measured against an untreated control sample of re-formed sliced turkey meat which was cooked at 82C, rapid chilled, sliced and vacuum packed. Packs opened on day 17 then tested every two days to a 16 days shelf life.

Anti-Microbial Solutions

Meat, poulty and fish provide excelent growth media for a variety of foodborne microflora bacteria, pathogens, yeasts and mould unless they are protected.

Through reduction of the available water levels, available oxygen levels and naturally occurring chemical inhivition Plant-ex are able to ogger a variety of options to Meat, Poultry and Fish processors which have been proven to inhibit, reduce and retard all microbial growth.

Microbial Degradation of Meat & Fish

Microbial degradation or metabolism produces fatty acids, ketones and alcohols as well as hydrogen sulphide, all of which lead to taste and odour issues and inevitable unsuitability for sale.

Microbial spoilage is a key factor in the shelf life of meat products and the time in which a retailer has to display and sell the product. Traditionally. Sodium Chloride, Sodium Lactate and Sodiom Diacelate have been used as a means of anti-microbial controls in meat.

Two flagship products FPS013603A Clean label VS (liquid) and FPS013631A Clean Label VPS provide the backbone to the anti-microbial portfolio offered by Plant-Ex.

FPS commisioned a UKAS accredited laboratory to test and veify the use of clean label liquid (VS) and Powder (VSP) as an effective means of anti-microbial control, and the results actually demonstrated a superior performance against traditional means.


Oxidation of meal products can occur through a variety of chemical reactions ranging drom the oxidation of Myogloblin pigments leading to discolouration to the oxidation of the fats within the meat causing rancidity and off-notes.

The FPS team have created a multitude of optionsand blends from a core portfolio of raw materials as well as some unique ingredients, depending on specific meat types and structures to deliver maximum protection againts oxidation. The core portfolio of Anti-oxidants available from FPSare detailed bellow:

Rosemary Extract
With the key actives being the phenolic compounds Carnosic Acid and Carnosol amongst a variety of other useful compounds, Rosemary is a core product for the prevention of oxidation in foodstuffs.

Grapeseed Extract
Rich in Polyphenols and Pro-anthocyanidins, Grapeseed extract has a proven efficacy in lipid protection where FPS have successfully inhibited oxidation in both meat and beverage products.

Green Tea Extract
The inherent Polyphenols and Catechings in Green Tea provide a great combination of compounds to inhibit the degradation of foods including Fish and Poultry.

Olive Extract
Hydroxytyrosols are extracted from olives to provide an anti-oxidative compound that has demonstrable effects in Meat, Beverage and Dairy applications.

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