A New Era of Extracts with Plant-Ex

A New Era of Extracts with Plant-Ex

Natural extracts are a great way to introduce powerful flavours into your products whilst providing a clean label declaration. By taking high-quality raw materials derived from natural sources from all over the world, Plant-Ex can provide products that enable our customers to have a unique declaration, flavour, or function within their own products, adding value in the process. Some benefits of using our extracts include:

Clean label declaration – from the named source ingredients mean customers can label their products without having to use e-numbers. An extract can be labeled as an ingredient in its own right, instead of as an additive making it more attractive to food producers and consumers.

Improved format – tired of working with difficult to handle products such as honey or molasses? Plant-Ex are experts in using in-house spray-drying technologies to create powdered alternatives to improve handling, reduce waste and increase storage capacities

Organic certified – having gained our organic certificate in 2019, Plant-Ex can now boast a new range of products sourced from organically grown ingredients

Provenance – an ever-growing trend in today’s industry, Plant-Ex can provide provenance on a range of different extracts, adding value, a named origin, and a unique history to our customers’ products.

The above examples merely scratch the surface of what Plant-Ex are able to provide when it comes to the extracts division. As well as blue-sky development and matching work, we can also develop new products according to customer demand. If you have any questions or would like more information, do not hesitate to contact me at extracts@plant-ex.com.

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