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Our distributor in Spain

About 4 years ago Alifarma became our official distributor in Spain. Here is an interview we held recently that will allow you to know them better.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about the story behind Alifarma? How did the company start?
    Alifarma was established in 1988 as an independent company within the Pintaluba Group, selling raw materials, ingredients and additives for the food industry.
    Over the years, the organization has incorporated specialty products with greater added value into its portfolio, as well as providing a comprehensive advisory service on improving and developing new products.
  2. What makes your company different?
    Thanks to the high quality of the ingredients within our portfolio, the valuable support from our principals such as Plant-ex, and the in-house application lab with semi-industrial production equipment that allows us to accommodate real processing conditions, we can provide the technical support necessary for the proper application of our range of ingredients and design bespoke solutions for the reformulation and development of new products. This added valued service boosts our customers’ innovation processes, shorten the needed resources and assures the success of their new product launchings in the market.
    The commitment and professionalism of our multidisciplinary team of over 40 people, composed of technicians who specialise in different areas, become our most valuable asset to achieve our value proposition.
  3. Do you operate only in Spain?
    We operate mainly in Spain and Portugal, but we do not close the door to expanding our business outside this territory with our own products.
  1. Why did you choose to work with Plant-Ex?
    We started the relation thanks to a consultant, and step by step we built up the business we have today.
  2. What are the Plant-Ex products you are making available?
    We are focused on all the range, specially colours, flavours, FPS and ingredients. All of them are important for us because we are working in all the industry sectors, where all these ingredients are used.
  3. As Plant-Ex is known for its innovations and research projects with its partners, is there an innovation project you are currently working on?
    This is one of the strengths that we consider from our partner Plant-ex. This capacity of innovation and development of products focused on the customer needs. Thanks to that, we have interesting businesses with important customers for whom we have together found the solution to their problems, developing a special product for their application. Alifarma is also focused on innovation and research, this is why we started some years ago with our own application lab, where we test all the ingredients of our partners and also develop our own products.
    One of the innovation projects we are working on now is vegan meat applications, where Plant-ex products have an important role.
  1. What are your goals for the upcoming years?
    As a reliable partner for our customers, we will keep counting on and being committed to innovation, seeking new ways of helping our customers to launch disruptive products to the market through organoleptic improvement solutions, preservation and stability options or alternatives to improve nutritional profiles. In this context, it should be pointed out that Plant-ex is being a valuable partner to provide this kind of solution to our customers through their added value specialities portfolio and technical support.
  1. What are your best selling products?
    Betacarotene: NC014584A for croissants
    Coconut cream FI013837N àready to eat fish
    Malt vinegar powder FI013078A meat blender
    Burger red powder CF013447A vegan burger

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