Did you know that we provide Colours, Top note flavours, Extracts and FPS for Sports nutrition?

Yes, we do! If you’re looking to attract all the athletes and healthy lifestylers on your side check our top ingredients to win them over!


Years of experience in the natural colours sector, combined with a development team curious to explore how the stability and performance can be enhanced, mean that Plant-ex has a knowledge base that is unrivalled in the industry.

The creation of micro-milled pastes, beverage stable emulsions, and bespoke spray-dried powders are some of the specialised products that the team has created.

Colouring foodstuffs also comprise a large proportion of the portfolio supplied by Plant-Ex, meaning that the colours division are ready to offer a complete selection of options to customers regardless of the application.

With our professional team holding years of experience and knowledge about the sports nutrition industry, we present you two different categories of colours:

• Clean label powdered colours for Sports Nutrition

• Natural Powdered colours for Sports Nutrition

These portfolios can be requested by a simple email to sales@plant-ex.com

If the colour you are looking for isn’t there, get in touch and our technical team will either find a match or develop a new colour depending on your need.

Clean Label Liquid Colours for Sports Nutrition:

Clean label powdered colours for Sports Nutrition:

Natural Powdered colours for Sports Nutrition:

More colours are available upon request.

To get the specs of one of these colours, email us at sales@plant-ex.com


A Library of thousands of EU approved flavour Chemicals, and natural extracts mean that our team of flavourists have created a vast database of formulations to match all types of profile and application. GCMS technology, combined with years of experience, means that the flavour development laboratory can manage new creation briefs as well as competitor matching.

Plant-Ex has all of its production in-house, including spray drying. This means that total control can be maintained both during the design of a flavour and also production from small to large batches. The flavours divisions are a growing part of Plant-Ex, building upon quality, flexibility, and creative flair.

In the sports nutrition industry, colours are not our only area of expertise. Flavours, Extracts, and FPS are also at the top.

Over the years, our flavourist team has prepared a distinguished and diverse portfolio for the sports nutrition industry to meet and exceed our customer needs.

To get the portfolio, please email us at sales@plant-ex.com. Or if you are accessing this file through the partners’ folder, you will also find the file there.

An essential part of our work is to create what hasn’t been created or to match a flavour our customers want. If you didn’t find the flavour you are looking for, our team will take care of it.

Our top picks for Sports Nutrition flavours are the following:

More flavours are available upon request.

If the flavour you are looking for isn’t there, get in touch and our technical team at sales@plant-ex.com will either find a match or develop a new colour depending on your need.


The focus on appearance and organoleptic profiles of the colours and flavours divisions led to creating a natural extracts division, delivering taste solutions from the named source in a variety of formats depending on the customer’s application.

Creating powders out of liquid raw materials such as juices or honey for inclusion into dry applications has become a mainstay of this division, resulting in significant investment into dedicated spray drying towers.

Conversely, creating water-dispersible emulsions or pastes from oil extracts has also demonstrated that the technology within the company has limitless potential to make the end-product that the customer needs.

Finally, some ingredients such as essential oils and oleoresins wherein the value delivered by Plant-Ex are in a quality controlled and convenient pack sizes, all of which make up a parcel of extracts that provide taste according to our customer’s requirements.

Let us recommend you the most suitable extract for your sports nutrition product at sales@plant-ex.com


The Plant-Ex Food Protection Systems (FPS) department is dedicated to developing clean label natural antioxidants and preservatives.

Like our customers, food safety and quality are at the forefront of everything we do. Protecting reputations as well as products is something we at Plant-Ex pride ourselves on.

Consumer demands for fresher, longer-lasting, safe foods that use familiar clean label ingredients are increasingly growing. This has caused a reduction in the need for chemical additives, paving the way

for natural clean label solutions that fight oxidation and spoilage organisms.

FPS products target oxidation and spoilage organisms using natural, clean label ingredients.

Make the first step into making you product safer and longer lasting by email us at sales@plant-ex.com

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