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Anthocyanins 101

What are Anthocyanins?

Anthocyanin is an umbrella term for a group of pigments that are primarily found in fruits and vegetables. Every type of anthocyanin has a different shade which changes according to the pH of the applications it’s used in.

CF013946A Purple Sweet Potato Powder used at 2% in a cupcake at pH 5.5.

Anthocyanins are best suited to low pH applications, giving off a variety of shades. We don’t recommend using anthocyanins above pH 4.2 as the colour won’t be as stable, and may fade over time.

Anthocyanins are extracted from Black Carrot, Radish, Red Cabbage, Purple Sweet Potato, Elderberry and Grape Skin. And deliver rich food colours from vibrant pinks, reds, and purples.

How are anthocyanins produced?

Anthocyanins are produced by selectively extracting the pigment from the relevant fruit or vegetable required. Plant-Ex then processes this pigment, using emulsifiers, stabilisers and carriers, giving the desired concentration and shade, producing either a liquid food colour or a powder food colour for customers.

NC1631 Grapeskin Extract used at 0.4% in a frosting. Recommended pH.

Are they heat or light stable?

Anthocyanins are heat stable and light stable. However, they are only suited to acidic pH.

In which applications are they mostly used?

Plant-Ex recommends using anthocyanins in acidic pH. They perform very well in beverages and confectionery, and we have achieved some great shades in our applications kitchen when baked, such as our Sweet Potato Extract Powder pictured left.

CF013946A Purple Sweet Potato Powder used at 2% in a cupcake at pH 5.5.

The range of Anthocyanins Plant-Ex has:


Origin: Botanical source – Daucus carota. Shade: Deep red colour. Application: https://www.plant-ex.com/black-carrot-extract-drink/

RADISH Origin: Botanical source– Raphanus raphinstrum. Shade: Radish produces a bright red-orange colour at low pH, turning pinker in neutral applications. Application: https://www.plant-ex.com/radish-extract-drink/


Origin: Botanical source – Ipomoea batatas.

Shade: Purple sweet potato produces a vibrant pink colour in acidic applications, turning purple violet.

Application: https://www.plant-ex.com/purple-sweet-potato-drink/

RED CABBAGE Origin: Botanical source– Brassica oleracea.

Shade: Red cabbage produces a reddish-pink hue in acidic applications

Application: https://www.plant-ex.com/red-cabbage-drink/

GRAPE SKIN Origin: Botanical source– Vitis vinifera Shade: Grape skin produces a dark berry-like red colour in acidic applications.

NOTE: Grapeskin carries an allergen declaration of Sulphur Dioxide.

Application: https://www.plant-ex.com/grapeskin-extract-drink/

For Anthocyanin, applications check our application page at www.plant-ex.com/applications

Plant-Ex’s anthocyanin portfolio boasts hundreds of different products at a variety of strengths and formats. Our Technical and Sales Teams can help identify the right product for you – simply email us at sales@plant-ex.com

Red Cabbage NC2023 @ 0.1% left to right pH 9 to pH 3

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