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Plant-Ex’s is now in Pakistan

This is our interview with our official distributor in Pakistan Foodients’s CEO Anwaar Hussain.

  1. Talk to us a bit about Foodients? How was the company founded?

The idea behind it was simple, it was the merge of the two words of food and ingredients. I wanted to provide a healthy alternative to the Pakistani ingredients market. Our market is dominated by artificial colours and we want to change that by bringing natural colours as a healthier alternative. Health should be what we put ahead when making decisions about purchasing food ingredients.

2. Why did you choose Plant-Ex as your supplier?

I have searched for the best company to partner with, and that we can unleash our potential with. The trust, confidence, R&D, technical and sales support we found at Plant-Ex is unmatched.

3. What are the Plant-Ex products you are making available to the Pakistani Market?

The Plant-Ex trust in us and the power and potential that we have in Pakistan helped us in making three categories available: Natural Colours, Flavours and Extracts.

Having the three divisions, allowed us to supply our local market and potentially international markets with excellence in Bakery, Dairy, Confectionery – Chocolates, Meat and Beverages.

4. What are your goals for the upcoming years?

We are the second biggest importer of food ingredients in Asia, after Indonesia. It puts us in a place where growth is possible and opportunities are much. We are aiming to grow through distribution and joint ventures. As a committed company, we are keeping a positive approach, aiming for a healthy working environment and healthy price offering.

5. As Plant-Ex is known for its innovations and research projects with its partners, is there an innovation project you are currently working on?

We are lucky to have a professional technical team at Plant-Ex that knows no borders for innovation. The first project is colours: As Natural colours are expensive in Pakistan, we are working with Plant-Ex to achieve a combination of colours that allows us to present in a price competitive form.

The second Project is Extracts: We cultivate different raw ingredients in all parts of Pakistan, so the taste of one ingredient let’s say Garlic is not the same everywhere and constantly changes. With Plant-Ex we are working on making a uniform taste that will be the same available throughout the year, during all seasons and everywhere in the country.

Anwaar’s enthusiasm and understanding of the Pakistan market were the two key drivers in Plant-Ex supporting the Foodients offering. The country itself is a huge and diverse marketplace, and our technical team have enjoyed developing an appreciation of the taste profiles and requirements. We are all excited to see this business rocket as the region comes out of covid 19 restrictions, with Anwaar at the wheel, we have every confidence.

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