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Years of experience in the Natural Colours sector, combined with a development team curious to explore how the stability and performance of colours can be enhanced, mean that Plant-Ex has a knowledge base which is unrivalled in the industry.

Creation of micro-milled pastes, beverage stable emulsions and bespoke spray dried powders are some of the specialised products that have been created by the team.

Colouring Foodstuffs also comprise a large proportion of the portfolio supplied by Plant-Ex, meaning that the Colours Division are ready to offer a complete selection of options to customers, regardless of the application.

Safflower (CF)
Beta Carotene
Mixed Carotenes
Red Cabbage
Purple Carrot
Red Beet
Sweet Potato
Copper Chlorophyllin
Sugar Syrup
Carbon Black
Vegetable Mix
Titanium Dioxide

Natural Colours and Colours Derived from Natural Sources

Compliant to the Regulation 231/2012/EC with regard to specific purity criteria, Plant-Ex Ingredients manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of Natural Colours in a variety of forms according to customer requirements, including water coluble liquids, powders, emulsions and dispersions. Changing labelling declaration guidelines now dictate that certain colours, whilst derived from natural sources, undergo too much processing to be declared as a Natural Colour, therefore, Plant-Ex Ingredients offers these products as derived from Natural sources.


E100 Curcumin

Derived from : Dried rhizomes of Turmeric Roots
Colour Shade : Corn yellow to orange yellow


E120 Carmine & Carmenic Acid *

Derived from : Cochineal beetle
Colour Shade : Orange, Red to Violet


E140 Chlorophyll

Derived from : Alfalfa and edible vegetable matter
Colour shade : Dull Green


E141(i) Copper Chlorophyll *

Derived from : Alfalfa and edible vegetable matter
Colour shade : Dark green


E141 (ii) Copper Chlorophyllin *

Derived from : Alfalfa and edible vegetable matter
Colour shade : Dark green


E150a Plain Caramel

Derived from : Glucose Syrup
Colour shade : Brown


E153 Vegetable Carbon Black *

Derived from : Vegetable matter
Colour shade : Black
Notes : This is a pigment, available in powder form or dispersible pastes


E160a (i) – (iv) Beta Carotenes

Derived from : E160a (i) Nature Identical, E160a (ii) Palm Oil, E160a (iii) Blakeslea Trispora, E160a (iv) Algal
Colour shade : Yellow to Orange

*Denotes the colour is derived from Natural Sources, but is not widely accepted as being described as a Natural Colour due to higher levels of processing.


E160b Annatto

Derived from : Annatto seed coating
Colour shade : Yellow to Orange


E160c Paprika

Derived from : Capsicum Annum
Colour shade : Orange


E160d Lycopene

Derived from : Tomatoes
Colour shade : Orange to Red


E160e Apo-Carotenal


E161 Lutein

Derived from : Marigolds
Colour shade : Yellow to Orange


E162 Red Beet

Derived from : Red Beetroots
Colour shade : Pink to Red
Notes : Vulnerable to degradation at temperatures above 90ºC


E163 Anthocyanins

Derived from : Grapeskins, Elderberries, Purple Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Red Cabbage
Colour shade : Red to Violet
Notes : Vulnerable to degradation in pH > 6.5


E171 Titanium Dioxide*

Derived from : Anatase Titanium Ore
Colour shade : White
Notes : This is a pigment powder, also available in dispersible form.


E172 Iron Oxides

Derived from : Iron
Colour shade : Yellow, Red, Brown & Black

Colouring Foodstuffs

Colouring foodstuffs are ingredients that can be used within a food product to import colour, made from fruits, vegetables and edible plants. Growing demand for food products with a clean label declaration mean that the level of research and development that Plant-Ex have dedicated to delivery of bright stable solutions is constantly increasing.
Customers should be aware that on 29.11.2013, guidance was released by the European Commission to be used in conjunction with Regulation 1333/2008 for the evaluation of whether or not a product may be used as a colouring

We have an extensive range of food colouring, including the following categories

    Blue Shades

    Brown Shades

    Orange Shades

   Green Shades

    Red Shades

    Violet Shades

    Yellow Shades

   Pink Shades

Through simple processing and non-selective extraction Plant-Ex Ingredients Colouring Foodstuffs are produced from edible fruits, vegetables and plants offering a wide range of vibrant colours to use in a wide variety of food applications.

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